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A Virtual Assistant (VA) can provide you with PA and Administration Support remotely from their home or personal office.


They can do everything an employee can do that doesn't require their physical presence.  They may not be able to bring you a cup of coffee but there are many advantages to hiring a Virtual Assistant over a traditional PA:

  • COST

The hourly rate might seem higher - but remember you don't need to allow for national insurance contributions, holiday/sick leave, a pension plan or provide office space and equipment. This is all covered in the hourly fee*


A VA can provide a level of flexibility that a contracted employee can't. Don't have much for your VA to do this week? No problem! Simply adjust the hours used week by week as needed. 


I offer retainer packages from as little as 2 hours per week - you wont get many office based staff who will do that!

* Where any specialist software is required this shall be provided by the client

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